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Experience More than You Can Ask or Imagine!



Only one Elev8 Conference Registration is required per family/household

Each registration includes one complimentary “Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0” 10-DVD set per family/household



OK, you’re a Christian. But, is your life as a Christian everything you hoped it would be, or know it can be?

Elev8 – Go Beyond is a conference designed to equip God’s people to both identify their unique callings and to help chart the course to fulfilling them!

Learn to live a life of VISION, PURPOSE, and DESTINY. While at the same time maintaining balance in body, soul and spirit.

What would it look like to


God’s Kingdom potential for you is unlimited. Join us as we uncover what it means to embrace God’s plan to live a life that is “More than you can ask or imagine!”

You Can Do This…

  • IDENTIFY who and Whose you are, and walk in your calling

  • Uncover your VISION, purpose, authority, and influence

  • Free yourself to enjoy complete HEALTH: body, soul, and spirit

  • BALANCE your life with proven personal growth strategies

  • Excel in LEADERSHIP, producing a victorious and fruitful life

  • Be a light in this dark world as you STAND, LEAD, and SERVE


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FRIDAY, JANUARY 15th, 7p – 9p Introduction: The Power of 8

Go Beyond: Reach for more than you could ask for or imagine. Live a life with unlimited expectations.

Session One: Identify

Who are you? Who you are no longer!

Domin8: You were bought with a price and you have gone from being common to part of the royal family. You are a Kingdom citizen. As a son or daughter of the king, learn how to live with authority, dominion and influence.

Liber8: Be set free to experience complete health: body, soul, and spirit. You were made for such a time as this; get your permission slip to cancel all that is holding you back from becoming all that God has for you.

Eradic8: Now that you know who you are, what are you leaving behind?

SATURDAY, JANUARY 16th, 9a – 4p Session Two: Align

Whose are you? How to operate in that reality!

Separ8: Do not be conformed to this world; you live in this world but are not part of this world. Learn to be set apart in all areas of life, and live a life of balance at the same time.

Activ8: Excel in leadership and produce a victorious and fruitful life.

Integr8: Put who and Whose you are together. Balance your life with proven personal growth strategies!

  Session Three: Influence

Why you were created!  How to walk in it!

Illumin8: Discover God’s vision for your life. Learn what it means to know what you were made for! And then find the path to achieving it.

Mand8:  Learn exactly how to walk in the vision, calling, and purpose for your life.

Authentic8:  Receive you “stamp of approval!”

  Session Four: Govern

How to do it! What it looks like!

Acceler8:  It’s time to hit the ground running. Everything holding you back from your greatness is in the past. Self-government, self-discipline and self-control are your new guidelines for action.

Demonstr8: Tomorrow is the first day of the rest of your life. You can do this! Now show the world your light (witness).  Demonstrate truth by proof and evidence (testimony). Your permission slip for greatness!

Initi8: What are your next steps?

  Conclusion: The Commission

Motiv8: You now have the inspiration! Educ8: You hold in your hands the resources; use them! Valid8: Sustain a lifestyle that is honoring to God. Prolifer8: Spread the message! Facilit8: Go from student to teacher! Perpetu8: Give the gift to the next generation. Elev8: The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand. More than you can ask or imagine; on earth as it is in Heaven


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Drs. Jeff and Andrea Hazim are health experts, speakers, teachers, authors, and executive coaches, who are training an emergent generation of extraordinary leaders to know their true identity and live with Kingdom purpose.

In pursuit of their God-given vision, the Hazims founded Biblical Health TV, Full Stature Consulting, and the Elev8Life educational foundation; and they produce events and personal development resources, including the Lessons for Healthy Living video course and the Curriculum for Life certification manual.


Elev8 – Go Beyond’s Gift to You…

each conference registration (one per household) includes a Complimentary 10-DVD box set of…

LFHL-DVD-layout 700


24+ modules, 11+ hours of Biblical Health Video Teachings

Join your Elev8-Go Beyond trainers, Drs. Jeff and Andrea Hazim, as they present simple-to-understand and easy-to-apply wellness lessons for living your life God’s way. Learn about what we call “The Wholistic Gospel!”
In just 20 power-packed minutes each, these 24+ integrated modules help you take manageable steps to experience true health the way God intends: Body, Soul & Spirit!!
Lessons for Healthy Living provides new scientific evidence that validates God’s plan to revolutionize your health, lays a solid foundation for achieving complete nutrition for your body, soul and spirit, reveals how to master your mind and emotions, challenges our modern “disease care” culture, and so much more!
Experience Lessons for Healthy Living for yourself and your entire household!

Receive your gift when you check-in at the Elev8-Go Beyond event.

**  We have doubled the value of your registration

with our gift of Lessons for Healthy Living; regular price $97 **



for complete information about Lessons for Healthy Living visit:



Only one Elev8 Conference Registration is required per family/household

Each registration includes one complimentary “Lessons for Healthy Living 2.0” 10-DVD set per family/household

Who is Elev8-Go Beyond for?

If you are a believer who wishes to live a life of VISION, PURPOSE, and DESTINY, while at the same time maintaining balance in body, soul and spirit, then Elev8-Go Beyond is for you.

Experience Elev8-Go Beyond and uncover what it means to embrace

a God glorifying life that is “More than you can ask or imagine!”

What ages can attend?

One of the passions of Elev8 is young adults!  Please don’t leave the younger members of your household behind.  The Go Beyond experience is both encouraged and appropriate for middle school ages on.

We also recommend:

  1. A family study of the LFHL DVDs that you will receive as a gift with your registration.
  2. Visiting to learn about the Elev8 teen leadership program called Camp iDENTIFY held at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, FL  *June 20-24, 2016*
Who is included in a household registration?

You will best Elev8 to a Biblically healthy lifestyle with support from those Going Beyond with you!  One Elev8-Go Beyond registration is ALL you need for your entire household to attend. 

Elev8 considers a ‘household’ to be one or more persons that regularly lives under the same roof.  So that would mean ‘yes’ to non-related housemates who dwell together, but ‘no’ to extended families or grown children who live in a different home.


  • Each household is required to register independently
  • One gift (Lessons for Healthy Living DVD series) per household registration will be received
Why are the 'Lessons for Healthy Living' DVDs free with my registration?

Part of living the “Go Beyond” life is being a giver.  In the spirit of Elev8ing lives, which is what is intended in this experiential event, we know that the Lessons for Healthy Living DVD series will do exactly that for you and your household!

Elev8 – Go Beyond had been carefully designed to be a prequel to this life changing Biblical health series. We are confident that after you attend Elev8 – Go Beyond, you’re going to want to watch and implement all the principles you have learned on the DVDs!

So, to assure that you go home with a copy, we’re including it as our gift per household, Elev8ing the value of your registration to double!  (LFHL normally sells for $97).  Super-awesome value here for Go Beyond participants…’cause that’s how we roll!

We are blessed to be a blessing to your entire household!!

Will food be provided?

Elev8 has endeavored to Go Beyond in considering your food and refreshment during the event…

Snacks:  Healthy snacks and beverages will be provided at breaks

Meal break:  Food and fellowship will be coupled with an Elev8ing experiential exercise, so leaving the venue is highly discouraged!

You are highly encouraged to choose:

  1. Packing a satisfying lunch that will meet your needs
  2. Participate in the pre-paid box lunch option*

*Details about the box-lunch option will be sent in an email following your registration.

How may I contact you?

If the answer to your question doesn’t seem to be on this page, or you wish to contact us for any other reason, please do so by clicking here: HELP DESK

Please make sure to choose the right category for your inquiry, and check that your email address is typed correctly, so we may respond to you quickly. Thanks so much for your interest, and we look forward to seeing you Elev8 as you Go Beyond!!



Only one Elev8 – Go Beyond Event Registration is required per household

 Each registration includes a GIFT of the ‘must have’  Lessons for Healthy Living 10-DVD series

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