Wim Hof Method & Beyond Workshop

With Kiki Bosch and Matthias Wittfoth, Official WHM instructors

There will be a full day WHM workshop on Sunday 20th September 2020 from 9:30am-17:00. This will be followed by evening events including panel discussion on the method, other healing modalities, psychedelics/plant medicines and consciousness.

Lunch & evening BBQ included.

Saturday 19th there will be a 5Rhythms® dance, followed by dinner and then cacao ceremony, with music by the fire where you can meet the instructors and panel discussion guests. Overnight stay on 19th available only for workshop participants.


As you get off the train at final stop Uetliberg, turn left then follow the railway tracks down towards Ringlikon. Cross the Railway to turn left at the barrier where you see the sign “Im Sonnenbühl”. Follow the path until you reach the property.

– Bitte nehmt den Weg zum Sonnenbühl, den wir hier beschreiben (ca. 5 Min.): Nach dem Ausstieg aus dem Zug links, (Uetlibergstation) der Bahnlinie entlang abwärts Richtung Ringlikon gehen. Das Gleis bei der Barriere überqueren, und bei der Tafel „Im Sonnenbühl“ scharf links in den Weg einbiegen. Diesem folgen bis zum Ziel.

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What to bring to workshop

Please do not forget to bring the following:

• Towel
• Swimming costume (although shorts and t-shirt would also be OK)
• Camping or yoga matt to lay on during the breathwork. There will be a limited amount already available there.

  • Beyond Wim Hof Workshop

  • Beyond Wim Hof Workshop
  • 20th September 9:30am - 5pm
  • Coaching from 2 expert official WHM instructors
  • Breathwork to realign the mind & body for health and performance optimization
  • Ice bath immersion to overpower the limitations of the mind
  • Included: Lunch, evening entertainment, panel discussion and BBQ
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  • Full Workshop plus Overnight Stay

  • Overnight stay 19th Sept 2020
  • Fireside Q+A and music
  • Get to know instructors
  • Optional amazonian Cacao and Tobacco ceremony
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  • Pre-workshop Day

    19th September, 2020

  • Workshop Day

    20th September, 2020

Matthias Wittfoth, PhD

The Science behind the Wim Hof Method

Matthias is a Neuroscientist, Podcaster & Official Wim Hof Method™ Instructor.
Matthias is a passionately curious neuroscientist who is always questioning commonly held beliefs and trying to find new answers to modern life challenges. He holds a PhD in psychology and has research expertise in the functional neuroimaging of music, language, cognitive conflict, emotion, and sexuality.
To resolve the physical, mental and spiritual exhaustion of stress is surely the crucial marker for health in modern societies. Especially when looking at reports that signal increasing rates of depression, anxiety, and autoimmune disorders.
By combining the most effective methods, he coaches peak performers in sports, music and multiple other disciplines to attain higher potentials.



Kiki Bosch

Disturb the Comfort & Comfort the Disturbed

Wim Hof Method™ Instructor & Ice Freediver who utilises the therapeutic potential of cold water immersion to overcome trauma, reset the mind & harmonise with the body.
Kiki Bosch is a freediver, nutritionist, biohacker and daredevil from the Netherlands. Having undergone a traumatic event which led to perpetual panic attacks and nightmares, she found solace in cold water. From extreme cold she drew the mental fortitude required to overcome trauma.
Kiki’s main philosophy is summarised in the phrase: “Disturb the comfort and comfort the disturbed.” She believes that we should aim to uproot the comfort of everyday life in order to stretch our belief systems and expand our notion of what is possible. Whilst simultaneously having the ability to seek comfort when we are feeling down, and to support those around us who are in need of it as it is part of our obligation to our community and ourselves to find a balance between both of these forces.

Other Guest Speakers

Mackenzie Amara

Writer, Jungian Psychoanalyst, clinical psychologist doctoral student and 5Rhythms® teacher.

By trade Mackenzie is a writer, coach, & 5Rhythms® teacher. By vocation she is a Jungian analyst-in-training & Clinical Psychology doctoral student. By design she is a collection of fractal, holographic cells dancing around some strange attractor for the sake of who knows what to live an insignificant, mythic life reflective of the mysterious vital spark within her. She identifies as a series of memories & unverifiable subjective experiences of self-hood to which she is rather fondly attached. She has a penchant for scholarship, the occult, pedantic erudition, morbid humor, grandiosity, nihilism, & semi-responsible hedonism. Born in the shadow of New Age culture into a fractured family system & the subjective experiencer of (arguably) extreme early childhood trauma, her life’s work is to heal psychic wounds—her’s & other’s—that she & others become strong enough to contend with the unconscious quicksands & transpersonal abyss’s which lap at the periphery of developing consciousness. She is an emergent property of Being playing at becoming sovereign. She really, really loves butter.

Alex Learmont

Polymath Philosopher, Modern Mystic, & Psychedelic Psychotherapist trainee